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Tulisa thought her 'life was over' after drugs claims

Tulisa considered taking her own life during the "Fake Sheikh" ordeal. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

Singer Tulisa Contostavlos was left a "paranoid wreck" and thought her "life was over" after she was involved in a tabloid newspaper drugs expose, she has told Good Morning Britain.

The former-X Factor judge was accused of bragging about her ability to supply cocaine and alleged to have claimed she could "sort out" a drug deal for an undercover reporter from The Sun.

She always denied the allegations and maintained her actions were motivated by the prospect of a movie role which relied on her proving her "bad girl" credentials.

It just all got too much for me. I’m not going to sit here and want a pity party. It was a dark time, a very dark moment but I’ve got through it and I am here today.

– Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa, who found fame as a member of N-Dubz, said she was offered a "massive movie role" as part of a sting by Sun investigative reporter Mazher Mahmood, who was posing as a Hollywood producer.

She was subsequently charged with helping to supply a Class A drug via her rapper friend Michael Coombs, but the trial collapsed last week after the judge said there were "strong grounds" to believe Mahmood had lied on the witness stand and "had been manipulating the evidence".

Tulisa said she "had to come to terms" with the prospect of prison, and while it was "very scary at first", it was not her biggest fear.

The biggest fear for me was losing my livelihood; something I have worked for from the age of 11 years old. I’ve not known anything else, it's all I have had. It's my life.

I just woke up one day and it was taken out of my hands - I had no control - I couldn’t work I couldn’t speak to clear my name because of legal reasons.

I just had to sit in silence just being bashed left, right and centre by the media - and being portrayed as a monster.

– Tulisa Contostavlos

Speaking to Charlotte Hawkins, Tulisa admitted to smoking cannabis in the past, but said she was one of the "very few" people in the industry that did not "dabble" with hard drugs.

The case against Michael Coombs also collapsed. Credit: PA

Coombs pleaded guilty to supplying a class A drug but the judge ruled the case against him could not go ahead.

Mahmood has since been suspended from the Sun pending an investigation.