Pensioners go viral after remake of Pharrell's Happy

The new 'Pharrell' 79-year-old Alister Leckie. Credit: Youtube

Pensioners in a New Zealand nursing home proved they've still got a spring in their step by doing their own version of Pharrell's Happy.

The hilarious spoof, starring 79-year-old Alister Leckie as their very own Pharrell, has become an internet hit after being viewed more than one million times on Youtube.

More than 60 residents and staff from the Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch took part in the clip, 80 Odd years of Happy.

And Alister shows he can move just as good as Pharrell by mimicking his every gesture.

Alister even dons Pharrell's trademark bow tie in the clip. Credit: YouTube
Pharrell shows off his moves in the original video. Credit: YouTube

Former engineer Mr Leckie had never done anything like it before and "absolutely loved it," staff at the home said.