Gaza conflict: Every hour an innocent child dies

A Palestinian protester holds a flag as he runs past burning tyres during clashes with Israeli troops.

The Gaza conflict is now entering its third week as the bloodshed in the Middle East continues.

Here is a look at the fighting between Israel, Hamas and Palestinian militants in numbers:

  • The death toll in the Gaza conflict has risen to around 1,400 after 23 days of fighting.

  • On Israel's side, 56 soldiers and 2 civilians have been killed during the fighting.

  • The Palestinian death toll stands at 1,363.

Palestinians mourn the death of their relatives. Credit: REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa
  • The United Nations said every hour 1 innocent child is being killed in fighting.

  • 21% of the casualties are children with over 250 youngsters losing their lives.

  • Around 7,200 people have been wounded during the Middle East conflict.

Abdul Rahman crying after 18 members of his family were killed. Credit: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
  • There are over 250,000 people displaced in Gaza.

  • Of that quarter of a million, around 204,000 people are in 82 schools serving as UN shelters.

  • That is the equivalent of 10% of Gaza's entire population.

  • Around 5,750 homes in Gaza have been destroyed.

Palestinians inspect the ruins of a UN-run school used to shelter refugees in Gaza. Credit: Reuters
  • 133 schools have been hit by shelling or fire during the conflict.

  • Israel Defence Forces claim Hamas has fired over 2,825 rockets at civilians in three weeks.

  • The Israeli army claims it has attacked over 4,100 targets in Gaza and its missile defence system, the Iron Dome, has shot down over 500 rockets.

  • Israel has called up around 86,000 reservists.

An Israeli soldier stands atop an armoured vehicle. Credit: REUTERS/Siegfried Modola
  • 23 medical facilities across the Gaza Strip have been destroyed to the point of being out of use.

  • The World Health Organisation said the stock levels of essential drugs in Gaza is at zero.

  • Over 70% of the population in Gaza requires and needs food assistance.

An Israeli mortar is fired. Credit: Reuters
  • The size of the Gaza Strip is 139 square miles which is far less than London (607 square miles) but around the same size as Las Vegas (136 square miles).

  • However, Gaza has 10 times the population density of Washington DC.

  • Israel is the second biggest beneficiary of US military assistance - behind Afghanistan - receiving $3.1 billion (£1.84bn) in 2012.