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Captain Mount: The WW1 soldier whose relative would become Prime Minister

Captain Francis Mount was killed in action during the Battle of Loos. Credit: Family handout

David Cameron has paid tribute to the fallen soldiers of the First World War, including his great-great-uncle, Captain Francis Mount.

Captain Mount - a relative on his mother's side of the family - was 43 years old when he volunteered to fight in the conflict.

ITV News Diplomatic Correspondent John Ray reports from Loos, northern France:

In 1915 Captain Mount was posted to Loos, northern France, where he fought as part of the Royal Berkshire Regiment.

But it was there that he died - killed in action during the Battle of Loos on 12 October, 1915.

He served with the Royal Berkshire Regiment in northern France during WW1.

The Prime Minister said of his ancestor, "Almost half of the people that he served with didn't come home, and it does help to make a personal connection with this massive sacrifice that took place."

Captain Francis Mount's medals from the First World War, which are still within the family. Credit: Family handout

One book tells how Captain Mount met his demise during the conflict:

One of 'A' Company's early casualties was Captain Frank Mount who was initially posted as missing.

His battalion commander, Lieutenant-Colonel FW Foley, feared the worst, and two days after the attack wrote to Mrs Mount;

'It is with the greatest regret I write to tell you that poor Frank is missing and I fear there is little hope of his being alive ...

Major Bayley and your husband led the attack in the most gallant manner. Unfortunately before they reached the trench, the Germans had retaken it and brought a very severe machine gun fire to bear on them.'

– An excerpt from a book on the Battle of Loos.
The memorial scroll commemorates Captain Francis Mount following his death. Credit: National Army Museum

Captain Mount's body was never found, and he became one of the many thousands of First World War soldiers who have no known grave.

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