First World War national Lights Out: Your Pictures

This Facebook user lit a single candle in front of photographs of his relative who may have died during WWI. Credit: Facebook/Joneszzys Bflb

As the Lights Out event to remember those who fought and died in WWI happened last night ITV asked our viewers what they did to take part.

Here are some of the best pictures:

Wendy Matthews marked Lights Out with a heart of tealight candles. Credit: Facebook/Wendy Matthews
Michelle Adelle Hughes posted this picture possibly of her son with a candle at a soldier's graveside. Credit: Facebook/Michelle Adelle Hughes
Soldiers and poppies adorn Robert Angove-Walton's candle. Credit: Facebook/Robert Angove-Walton
Izzy de Palma posted this candle for her great, great uncle Albert with his silver lighter next to it. Credit: Facebook/Izzy de Palma
Bobbie Molle chose a single pink candle. Credit: Facebook/Bobbie Molle
Stacey Ann Hutchins opted for three candles to honour the fallen soldiers. Credit: Facebook/Stacey Ann Hutchins
Rachel Hancock lit this candle in Halling, Kent. Credit: Facebook/Rachel Hancock
Natasha Donald lit a poppy candle at 10pm. Credit: Facebook/Natasha Donald
Leanne Blues went for three white candles to mark the occasion. Credit: Facebook/Leanne Blues

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