Right to be forgotten is 'Orwellian nightmare'

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales says the removal of history on the internet is "immoral." Credit: ITV News

Many of us have done it, googled ourselves to see what comes up. But what if we don't like the information it reveals; a dodgy photo, a shady past, a secret we'd rather wasn't exposed.

Should we be able to demand these things be erased from internet search engines?

A new EU law says we can but the founder of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales told ITV News he thought it was "immoral."

He added: "I think that history is a human right. When we're talking about censoring links to legally published news articles through a process that has no court oversight, no possibility of appeal, no transparency, this is really problematic."

Wikipedia has already been asked to remove five articles including one about an Italian mafia gang, an obscure musician and an Irish criminal.

Google has had over 90,000 requests since the law was passed in May. Of those 12,000 were from the UK and more than half were successful.

Supporters of the law say people have a right to privacy.

ITV News Report Sejal Karia has this report:

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