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Victoria Beckham donates her clothes to be sold for charity

Victoria Beckham explains why she is selling 600 items from he wardrobe. Credit: YouTube/The

Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham has donated 600 items from her wardrobe to be sold online to raise money for a charity that helps mothers living with HIV.

The yellow Roberto Cavalli dress is a 'blast from the past,' Victoria Beckham has said. Credit: YouTube/The

"Mothers2mothers is a charity that I feel very passionately about," the mother-of-four says in a video promoting the exclusive sale.

"The pieces that I have put in to be sold brought back a lot of memories, a lot of really, really happy memories of myself and David, of myself and the children, of different events that I've been to," Beckham says.

Earlier this year, Beckham visited a mothers2mothers site in Cape Town where she met the charity's Mentor Mothers - women living with HIV employed to educate other mothers with HIV in their communities.

Victoria Beckham visited Cape Town in South Africa earlier this year and saw the charity's work in action. Credit: YouTube/The

Beckham said the trip inspired her, saying, "As a woman we have a responsibility to really help and support other women, to do what we can do to help."

Victoria Beckham stresses the pieces have been specially made for her by designers. Credit: YouTube/The

"I'm keeping a few pieces [for her daughter Harper], but for me it was more important to raise money for this charity," she added.

Some of Victoria Beckham's outfits for sale to raise money for mothers2mothers. Credit: YouTube/The

Beckham has urged people to register for the sale, which runs 20-25 August.