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Small team of British NHS doctors and surgeons travel to Gaza to set up specialist facilities

A small team of NHS doctors and surgeons is travel to Gaza to set up facilities and establish how best to use specialists and equipment, according to a professor from the University of Manchester.

Professor Tony Redmond of NGO UK Med said that it was essential that the team was "targeted" so that it could "fit in" to what was already in Gaza to support facilities that have already been set up.

The majority will come from the NHS. This is a scoping team. We are looking to put together a programme that will develop.

– Professor Tony Redmond of NGO UK Med.

This is a three month programme so we need a small team to go out initially, who will work with Medical Aid for Palestinians, who are established there, to work with local health care professional and work in the local facilities. They will then tell us how best we can use the specialist facilities, the people we have, and the equipment.

– Professor Tony Redmond of NGO UK Med.

People who get these terrible ballistic injuries always become infected. They have a large amount of tissue damage. Horrible wounds don't heal. So they need reconstructive surgery to promote the healing process.

– Professor Tony Redmond of NGO UK Med.

Professor Redmond coordinates a group of health care professionals who agree to volunteer to the International Trauma Register so they can be deployed in a crisis or sudden disasters.

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