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A perfectly wet wedding

The photographs of Katy Lomas' and Richard Owen's wet wedding have gone viral on the internet. Photo: S6 PHOTOGRAPHY

"It was a perfect day, I wouldn't change a thing," a woman whose wedding was washed out by Hurricane Bertha told Good Morning Britain.

The British summer is famously unpredictable, but Katy Lomas, 28, and Richard Owen, 34, from Sheffield, can be forgiven for thinking August 8 was a safe date for an outdoor wedding reception - with tipis for cover, of course.

However, after the glorious heat of the last month, and just as the couple were walking down the aisle at Wentworth Castle, Barnsley, came the deluge - and then some - as the tail end of the ex-hurricane hit.

The roof of the venue started leaking during the wedding ceremony. Credit: S6 PHOTOGRAPHY

Their vows were drowned out, the roof of the conservatory where the ceremony was being held started to leak, and the £6,000, carefully decorated tipis were under a foot of water in just 20 minutes.

"At one point it seemed like we were going to have to cancel the whole thing," Katy said.

But staff, family and friends banded together to move the entire reception - including the bar - inside.

It was all hands on deck to bring everything for the reception in from the tipis. Credit: S6 PHOTOGRAPHY

"The dunkirk spirit kicked in!" Katy laughed, and the couple embraced the weather - with the bride even shunning her shoes and hitching her dress to dance in the rain.

Their romantic photos, which show them wading bare-foot through muddy puddles, have become an online sensation - as the photographer predicted, Katy said: "He was running around going 'It's brilliant! The photographs are going to be brilliant, try not to worry!'"


The couple are now enjoying their honeymoon, and better weather, in Oman and the Maldives.

At the start of the day, Katy thought the weather might hold. Credit: S6 PHOTOGRAPHY