Radio station apologises after presenter Alan Brazil says he has 'little sympathy' for Robin Williams

Alan Brazil is a former footballer who played for Tottenham, Man Utd and Ipswich. Credit: PA

Radio station talkSPORT has apologised after presenter Alan Brazil courted controversy on the airwaves when discussing the death of actor Robin Williams.

Speaking on his Sports Breakfast show this morning, Brazil said he had no sympathy for Williams, calling the situation he left behind for his family "diabolical" and that he was "really annoyed" about it.

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The former Scotland international footballer also suggested he had been relieved it was Williams that died rather than singer Robbie Williams, whose demise he had initially feared upon hearing the news.

Brazil's comments drew widespread criticism, with listeners saying his views showed "ignorance" and insulted people who suffered from depression.

Fellow talkSPORT presenter Stan Collymore, who has had depression, admonished Brazil, tweeting:

But Brazil, 55, hit back saying:

Discussing Williams' death with co-presenter Brian Moore, Brazil said he first thought it was Robbie Williams who had died when his wife told him the news this morning.

But when she told him it was the actor Robin Williams, he said he thought, "Oh, OK. It didn't hit me hard like if it had have been Robbie, and thank God it wasn't."

Brazil said the death of Robbie Williams would have affected him more. Credit: PA

Moore tried to steer the conversation in a more appropriate direction and even told Brazil that one of his relatives had died in the same way and that it left people wondering if they could have done more to help.

But Brazil would not be reasoned with, saying:

When Moore told him that view was "harsh", he replied: "Well maybe, but that's the way I feel, I am sorry."

Listeners called for an apology, with some demanding for talkSPORT to sack the presenter.

A station spokeswoman said: "TalkSPORT apologises for any offence caused. Alan's comments do not reflect the views of the station."