Gaza ceasefire is holding but its hospitals are still full of children

Mohammad, aged ten. Credit: ITV News

By ITV News diplomatic correspondent John Ray

There have been two days of quiet in Gaza.

No rockets or missiles, no more destroyed houses, no more ambulance sirens screaming.

Yet the medical crisis is by no means over.

Gaza’s hospitals are full of children like Mohammad. Aged ten, he has lived through hell.

Warning: This article contains images of injured children

His mother and sister are dead. His entire life is in pieces. His shattered arm might never fully heal.

Today he was seen by a team of British specialist which has just arrived in Gaza.

They are veterans of war medicine and of previous Gaza conflicts, but they say they are shocked at the scale of what they’ve seen.

Mohammad's home was destroyed. Credit: ITV News

The team, organised by the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians, and funded for this trip by the British government, will perform some operations.

But, says MAP, this must be a lasting commitment.

Hospitals in Gaza are full of children while the medical crisis is by no means over. Credit: ITV News

Mohammad and many others need long term care, sometimes for injuries that Gaza’s stretched medical services are unable to provide.

Long after this war ends, there are thousands who will be living with the consequences.

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