'Miracle' panda triplets born in China zoo

The birth of three panda cubs in a Chinese zoo has been described as a "miracle" by staff after they became the first ever surviving panda triplets.

Given the mother panda's extremely low reproductive rate, the triple-birth came as a surprise to staff members who described it as a "miracle" at the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou.

The birth of the three pandas was described as a Credit: APTN

An official from the safari park said the three cubs were believed to be "the only panda triplets that have ever survived".

However, because there are such high mortality rates among young pandas, experts often only class them as having "survived" once they reach six months old.

Giant panda Juxiao, whose name translates as smiling chrysanthemum, gave birth to the three cubs on July 29.

The mother panda Juxiao is pictured with one of the tiny baby cubs. Credit: APTN

The first cub was delivered at 1.10am and the second at 2.47am. At 4.34am Juxiao gave birth to her third.

The triplets have now been returned to their mum after being moved to an incubator to allow Juxaio to rest after the birth.

The triplets were moved to an incubator because the mother panda was too exhausted to care for the cubs after the birth. Credit: APTN

The family are being monitored by an expert team 24 hours a day.

The cubs' sex has not been disclosed and they are yet to be named.

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