Meet Britain's 100-year-old drivers who refuse to down their keys

With more than 200 British drivers over the age 100, a new ITV documentary will look at why and how they still get behind the wheel.

The programme will hear from the elderly motorists whose vehicles are crucial to their freedom and independence, and ask whether they should be regularly re-tested.

War veteran, Harry Kartz, 100, has been driving for 86 years, and insists his driving is better than ever.

“I'm not dangerous now. I used to be. I've written off three cars you see. This is the DaimlerJag I had, and I hit another car head on and finished up in Walsall Hospital with a fractured spine,” he says.

"I don't want to drive like an old... I'm not an old man! I've got my licence 'til 2016, but I don't think I've got a licence for myself 'til 2016, I think I shall be gone before then,” Kartz said.

Ken and Edna Medlock, 99 and 98, still love to drive to the seaside and see

"Edna is very attentive when I'm driving until she gets tired and nods off," Ken explains.

Basil Smith, 93, sees no reason for giving up the keys unless he was failed by a driving instructor.

“If the driving instructor failed me and said I wasn't good enough then I'd have to pack in driving. It would be a shock. It would hit me for six, I'm afraid."

But their families are not quite as supportive of their desire to carry on driving.

Gail Fulton recently stopped her 102-year-old mother Sheila Collinson from driving, against her wishes, after she struggled to get into a turning lane on the way to her daughter’s house and ended up getting lost for more than two hours.

“She won't accept it because she still feels that she's capable. Well as she says, ‘I've been doing this for 100 years,’ and you can't argue with that.”

Watch 100 Year Old Drivers on ITV at 8pm tonight