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Rapper promised drinks with his followers if he reached 100k - now he has to honour his pledge

British hip-hop artist Scroobius Pip said: ' I will stay true to my word.' Credit: Empics

Hip-hop artist Scroobius Pip looks set to make good on a promise he made to his Twitter followers over a year ago - to go for a drink with all 100,000 of them.

In April last year, the British rapper tweeted:

Now that time has finally come.

According to his Twitter bio, Scroobius Pip now has 101,000 followers - and he has promised, "I will stay true to my word."

He wrote yesterday evening:

I'm out of the country right now but, when I'm back I will stay true to my word and arrange a night where I will go to a specific pub (probably London) and buy one drink for however many of you turn up.

In fact, if you own or work in a pub that might be a good location for this then hit me up. Feel free to give me a nice guy discount...

– Scroobius Pip expands on Instagram.

As the star promoted his Reddit "ask me anything" session, Scroobius Pip joked today: "This may not be used for pre-ordering drinks ..."

Scroobius Pip posted this message on Instagram today. Credit: Instagram/scroobiuspipyo