He did it: Bill Gates takes on viral ice bucket challenge after nomination from Mark Zuckerberg

Bill Gates takes the ice bucket challenge. Credit: Facebook

When Mark Zuckerberg nominated Bill Gates to do the viral ice bucket challenge and pour a bucket full of cold water over his head, the 58-year old founder of Microsoft accepted in style.

Instead of just pouring the cold water over himself, he designed a sophisticated ice-bucket machine to complete the task.

The ice bucket challenge is the latest social media craze celebrities have taken to in a bid to raise money for neurodegenerative disease ALS.

Mr Gates has nominated businessman Elon Musk, TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest, and Chris Anderson, the currator of TED conference, to do the same.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been adopted by Macmillan Cancer support in the UK, with celebrities including tennis star Andy Murray and golfer Ian Poulter taking part.