Bus driver kicks passengers off midway through journey - because he had 'gone over his hours'

File photo of a bus Credit: PA

A bus driver kicked all of his passengers off midway through a journey because he had "gone over his hours."

The driver was making the 30-mile journey across Wiltshire from Salisbury to Marlborough when he stopped at Pewsey and announced everyone had to get off.

Passengers on the bus and those waiting at the stop in the village were told they would have to wait for the next bus for about an hour during the incident last Friday.

Freya Mundy, 13, who was heading for a dental appointment which she missed, was among those who had to wait.

Her furious father Andrew Mundt, 49, said: "This is absolutely unacceptable. To turf passengers off the bus and tell them to wait an hour is incredible. It's almost impossible to believe that this should be allowed to happen."

Mr Mundy said there were several "verbal exchanges" between the passengers and driver who was adamant he would not drive any further.

Salisbury Reds, the company that operate the service, said they were launching an internal investigation into the incident.