Fellow hostage says murdered journalist 'remained strong until the end'

French journalist Nicolas Henin speaks to ITV News' Neil Connery. Credit: ITV News

A French journalist who was held hostage with James Foley in Syria has told ITV News it was "devastating" to see his murder but that his friend "remained strong until the end".

Nicolas Henin, who was released in April this year, said he was "horrified" when he saw the video and realised the man being beheaded was his close friend.

ITV News Correspondent Neil Connery reports:

"I recognised him [immediately], because sure he was kneeling down, but he was still straight and his voice was loud and clear".

Henin, spent seven months held captive with Foley, told ITV News, "I lost not only a good colleague but also a close friend."

Nicolas Henin spent seven months being held captive with James Foley in Syria. Credit: PA Wire

Although he is unable to talk about his captors due to the risks they still pose to others, Henin did say the group was "made of many foreign fighters".

"I have seen several people who come from European countries. I have not seen passports, I have heard accents - which is just a clue - but [that] is not evidence," he stressed.

Foley's main attributes were "bravery ... strength and generosity," Henin said, adding, "He remained strong until the end."