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These brothers have built a WW1 trench at the bottom of their garden

Ethan Harvey, 14, poses in a look-out tower of his person trench Photo: Ben Kendall/PA Wire

Some children have a tree house in their back garden, others a trampoline. But these brothers have an entire First World War battlefield at the bottom of their suburban Norwich garden.

Brothers Ethan and Reuben Harvey have gone to town on the production, which features a look-out tower, sentry box and lashings of barbed wire and sandbags.

Reuben Harvey, 11 (left) and Ethan Harvey, 14, recreate going over the top into No Man's Land Credit: Ben Kendall/PA Wire

The pair have a keen interest in everything to do with the Great War and have a large collection of memorabilia in their loft including medals, period costumes and a rifle.

Ethan, 14, said: "We've always had an interest in military history and we thought with the centenary coming up it was important to mark it in some way."

Ethan Harvey, 14, surveys enemy lines Credit: Ben Kendall/PA Wire

The project is partly personal for the boys whose great-great grandfather, Frank Williams, was among the first to be deployed with the 15th Royal Hussars in 1914 and fought in the Battle of Mons.

"Some of the youngest soldiers were about my age so it is scary to think that could have been me," Ethan said. "I don't know how I would have coped."

Reuben Harvey, 11 , poses in period costume Credit: Ben Kendall/PA Wire

The brothers have even erected a memorial to the fallen and have planted poppies around it "as tribute to those who made the sacrifice".

A replica box of explosives and ammunition Credit: Ben Kendall/PA Wire

Their father, an engineer, said: "They aren't interested in joining the Army but they are genuinely interested in the history side of it.

"I helped them construct it but they spend their weekends dragging me to military fairs and car boot sales to find memorabilia."