Aaron Paul has announced plans to hold a Breaking Bad "scavenger hunt" for fans ahead of the Emmy Awards.

The actor, who starred as Jesse Pinkman in the hit show, said he wanted to say thank you to everyone who had supported the programme.

Paul, 34, promised his 1.5 million Instagram followers that there would be scripts, posters, action figures and artwork up for grabs around Los Angeles.

The actor posted this message to fans on his Instagram page. Credit: Instagram/Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad is nominated for five awards - including outstanding drama series - at Monday's ceremony, with Aaron Paul up for best supporting actor.

The show followed the tale of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who becomes a crystal meth manufacturer to provide for his family when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Breaking Bad became one of the most watched shows in American television history. Credit: AMC

It became one of the most talked about television shows, winning multiple accolades including 11 Emmys.

Fans still mourning the end of the critically-acclaimed series can look forward to the premiere of its spinoff Better Call Saul, featuring Walter White's shady lawyer Saul Goodman.