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Daredevil teens take terrifying skyscraper selfie from 1,135 feet

The world's most dangerous selfie? Daredevil Daniel Lau strikes a pose on top of Hong Kong skyscraper. Credit: YouTube

A stomach-churning selfie video shows how a group of teenagers scaled to the top of one of Hong Kong's towering skyscrapers - then sat and enjoyed a banana.

As two of the teenagers munch on their fruit, one of the group - photographer Daniel Lau - uses a "selfie stick," a wide-angle camera mounted on a stick, to film himself stood precariously on the building's spire.

Bananas? Daniel Lau opens the video with friends casually eating the snack before mounting the skyscraper. Credit: YouTube

Astounding views of Hong Kong's cityscape are visible as the sunglasses-wearing teen fearlessly hold the selfie stick above his head and pans the camera around.

Lau, along with friends Andrew Tso and a girl called A.S. climbed the 1,135 feet of The Center skyscraper- Hong Kong's fifth tallest building.

The Center skyscraper, centre, is Hong Kong's fifth tallest skyscarper. Credit: Creative Commons/Chancelle

“Lau, fellow photographer Andrew Tso and A.S. are seen in the video snacking while perched dangerously on the spire of The Centre skyscraper, Hong Kong’s fifth-tallest skyscraper,” reads the video’s description.