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Gazans launch 'Rubble Bucket Challenge'

A Gazan family takes part in the challenge. Credit: Abu Yazan/Facebook

Following the global success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a campaign aimed at supporting the people of Gaza named the 'Rubble Bucket Challenge' has become a hit on social media.

Mimicking the viral craze, the premise is that instead of using frozen water, Gazans instead pour the rubble of destroyed buildings over their heads to highlight the spate of bombings in the region.

The campaign, exemplified below by journalist Ayman Aloul, has seen more than 3,000 tweets sent using the hashtag #rubblebucketchallenge since Saturday.

In Aloul's video, a translation of his comments read: "The use of water is more important than to empty over our heads, and even if the water is available it is difficult to freeze it."

"And when we tried to make the Palestinian version, we looked around us, we find the place as you see (destroyed buildings). Therefore I decided to use it instead of iced water."

Many others have now followed suit, with several from around the world posted on a Facebook page dedicated to the challenge.

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Around 2,100 people, including more than 490 children, have been killed in Gaza since 8 July, when Israel launched an offensive aimed at ending rocket fire into its territory.

Sixty-four Israeli soldiers and four civilians in Israel have been killed during that time, and the country says it has warned citizens of Gaza to avoid areas "terrorist activities against Israel originate".

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