Scottish referendum votes put up for sale on eBay

A screenshot of one of the listings Credit: STV

For many people in Scotland, the looming question of independence inspires strong feelings either towards or against breaking away.

But as millions prepare to cast their 'yes' or 'no' vote, some, it seems, are willing to give up their chance for a say in exchange for a few quid.

An investigation has now been launched after a number of listings appeared on online auction site eBay, offering bidders the chance to buy a vote in the upcoming referendum.

One person, using the screen name chrisoc1986 and stating they were based in Glasgow, sold their vote for just £1.04.The listing read:

People in Scotland will vote on September 18 whether they should become an independent country Credit: PA

Another user by the name of catfez, thought to be based in the Scottish Borders region, put a £10 reserve on their vote and promised to donate the money raised to charity.

The Electoral Commission has confirmed it is aware of the listings, and Police Scotland have launched an investigation into the listings.

eBay has since removed them from its site.

eBay has since removed the listings from its site Credit: PA

A spokesman for the auction giant said: