Cameron unveils series of new anti-terror measures

Credit: ITV News

By ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby

We are proud to live in a free and tolerant nation, David Cameron has just said in the House of Commons. But there is no doubt the anti-terrorist measures he has just outlined to the House of Commons are quite draconian. The essence of the statement;

The police will be able to seize someone's passport at the border if they suspect they are going abroad to take part in the conflict in countries like Syria.

At the moment, the government can refuse to give a suspect a passport, but they cannot prevent anyone from travelling once they have one.

He also announced that, if the courts ruled against the government on these powers, he would push through primary legislation immediately to over-rule the judges.

The government will consult on new measures to prevent British citizens returning to the country if they have taken part abroad in activities incompatible with British citizenship.

All airlines will have to hand over passenger lists in advance, or they won't be able to land here.

Terrorist suspects here will be subject to new powers along the lines of control orders, including the mysteriously entitled 'relocation powers.'

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