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Community workers need help to stop extremism at grass roots

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"Nothing" is being done to prevent radicalisation of young Muslims in Cardiff.

It is a bold statement and rightly open to scrutiny but former Cardiff County Councillor, Mohammed Islam, is adamant that young people are being failed by inaction in the city.

We asked the UK Government, South Wales Police and the Welsh Government for specific details of anti-extremism programmes in Cardiff, the answers are sketchy.

The broad response is the Prevent Strategy, but it's not clear what that is or does and with young Muslims choosing to become terrorists it doesn't seem to be preventing the problem.

The Home Office talk of "awareness raising" and "support programmes". The Muslim Council of Wales say it barely scratches the surface and when they ask for help the answer is always the same; "There's no money".

In statement , the Minister for Immigration and Security James Brokenshire said:

We support the vast majority of British Muslims in condemning those who advocate violence, intolerance and division.

As part of our Prevent counter-terrorism programme we work with a wide range of organisations to raise awareness of the dangers of travelling to areas of conflict such as Syria and Iraq and the risk of exploitation by extremist groups.

We give support to programmes in communities to rebut terrorist and extremist propaganda. Our Channel programme also provides specific support to individuals who are at risk of radicalisation.

To ensure this work can be conducted as effectively as possible, we do not routinely comment on the groups we work with.

– James Brokenshire MP

The Prime Minister wants to confiscate passports but in Cardiff they want to solve extremism at its roots. They just can't get the help to do it.

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