Horsemeat scandal: Dishing the dirt on Britain's food industry

Today's report is a damning critique of the retail culture of cheap food in which consumers are put at risk from food fraud.

The report states that buying policies at some big stores 'a matter of concern'. Credit: PA Wire

The long-awaited review into the fiasco surrounding the horsemeat scandal shines a light into hidden corners of the food trade - revealing alarming evidence.

A picture emerges of an industry shaped by a constant drive to maximise profits where food contamination is not being detected.

The blame goes all the way to the top of the retail food chain - with buying policies at some big stores "a matter of concern".

Retailers are given a stern warning that some have been buying supplies that are so cheap they should have asked more questions - and that not doing so could be a crime.

Perhaps most worrying of all is that the expert in charge of this influential review believes things could be getting worse as the supermarket price wars begin to bite.