Tonight: The Shape of Things to Come?

Tonight: The Shape of Things to Come? ITV at 7:30pm Credit: ITV / Tonight

Despite our so-called obsession with diets and fitness the number of people overweight and obese in the UK is getting worse.

It’s become a really critically pressing public health issue now, the majority of people in England are now overweight or obese."

Professor Nick Finer

New research has revealed that young women in the UK are fatter than anywhere else in Western Europe with almost 30 per cent obese or overweight.

ITV’s Tonight programme looks at why young women are getting fatter and the health consequences of piling on the pounds.

You can see the outward effect of obesity in your face and your jowls and the tummy but actually what you don’t see is the real damage it’s doing inside you."

Professor David Kerrigan

1 in 4 young women in the UK are now so overweight their health is suffering.

In the programme, we follow Louise who has struggled with her weight all her life, and is preparing for a gastric bypass operation.

Louise during a consultation Credit: ITV / Tonight

If there was another way I would have done another way but I think the op is the only way."


We also look at the growing number of women in the UK of childbearing age being obese. What is the effect on maternity services and more importantly what is effect on mum and baby?

Bariatric wheelchairs for overweight patients Credit: ITV / Tonight

We visit Doncaster, where maternal obesity rates in the region are higher than the national average. Recognising there was a specific need for a maternal obesity service – five years ago midwives Carolyn Garland and Alison Williams set up the Monday clinic at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Midwife Carolyn Garland Credit: ITV / Tonight

We are helping mothers to hopefully make the changes that will be needed for their children not to have the obesity problems that they maybe had in their childhood and adulthood."

Carolyn Garland

We also ask is plus size becoming more normal? Today the average British woman is a size 16 and almost half of women in UK are now a size 16 and over. With bigger dress sizes more readily available there has also been an increase in demand for plus size models to model them.

We interview Cheryl Hughes who has run her plus size model agency for more than 25 years, and Kate Hislop, one of the agency’s top models.

Kate Hislop, one of the plus size agency’s top models. Credit: ITV / Tonight

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