'I squealed like a teenager': Family's joy at Stonehenge brush with Barack Obama

Barack Obama visits Stonehenge. Credit: REUTERS/Larry Downing

An excited young British family has told ITV News they are "euphoric" after meeting Barack Obama during his impromptu visit to Stonehenge this evening.

Janice and James Raffle and their three sons live a mile up the road from the ancient landmark.

They were playing in the garden when they heard helicopters overhead, and decided to make a dash up to the site after hearing the President may be in the area.

After a quick drive, they got even more than they bargained for, when the leader of the free world waved to them and then began approaching for a chat.

The family were told by security officials to "just walk slowly", which they duly did before meeting Mr Obama.

Security officials told the Raffles to Credit: Reuters

The Raffles were just as polite - welcoming Mr Obama to England.

"Not just England, not just any part of England," he responded.

It was clearly a thrilling experience - and not only for boys Angus, 8, Joshua, 7, and Barney, 3.

"I squealed like a teenager. You'd think I would know better," Janice said.

Mr Obama said Stonehenge had always been on his bucket list. Credit: Reuters

Eldest son Angus was equally enthusiastic: "It was awesome," he said. "I shook hands with him."

And even the President himself seemed excited by the whole experience - proclaiming Stonehenge somewhere he had always wanted to visit.

"How cool is this?! It's spectacular!" he exclaimed as he roamed the ancient landmark, followed by press.

"Knocked it off the bucket list," he added.

Footage posted to YouTube showed the President's substantial motorcade arriving at the site.

Having landed nearby, Mr Obama said he could see the site when flying over.

"It's a special place," he added.