Intelligence services 99.9% sure who 'Jihadi John' is

Inteliigence services believe they have identified who 'Jihadi John' is. Credit: Reuters

There has been a lot of speculation over the past few weeks over who the man known as 'Jihadi John' really is.

We know he is British, of course, because he clearly speaks with an English accent in his gruesome beheading videos and we have been led to believe that the security forces are 'closing in' on his identity.

But I have been told at the Nato summit here in Newport that the intelligence services know exactly who he is - or at least are 99.9% certain - but don't want his name to be made public.

It leads to questions about exactly how they are so sure and thus hints for the jihadists on how they have been monitored over the past couple of years.

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