How smart is the Government's rollout of smart meters?

The rollout of smart meters across the UK is estimated to cost every household £215. Credit: Jens BÃŒttner/DPA

If you are an energy customer this affects you.

How much by? £10.6 billion - that's how much.

That's the cost of installing smart meters in every home in Britain and every last penny of that cost will be added to our already creaking and straining bills. Now MPs are questioning whether the whole thing is really that smart.

They are publicising the figures behind this meter roll out.

  • The cost of installing smart meters will be £215 per home - plus there will be running costs on top of that.

  • Yet the average saving for each bill will be just 2% - which MPs say isn't enough of a justification.

  • And they are worried about consultants being used by the Government - which has spent £14 million so far on outside help for the department of energy.

Alongside the figures - there are two other big concerns.

The first is that the smart meters aren't actually that smart. MPs who have taken a close look at the plan say by the time the meters are in they may be outdated - because things like our smart phones will be able to do this kind of thing.

Plus the meters won't work in many homes - around 5% of them - because the radio signals they rely on won't work.

On the other side of all of this is the Government, in the shape of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

They say there will be an energy bill reduction of £26 per year by 2020 - rising to around £43 per year by 2030.

This is our money; our homes; our meters; our bills - so now is the time to take a close look at how smart this roll-out is.