'Bow down to your imperial masters!': Scottish man hounds Labour MPs with Darth Vader theme

Labour MPs were followed through Glasgow.

Dozens of Labour MPs streamed into Glasgow today to campaign for a 'No' vote in next week's Scottish referendum - but were given less than a warm reception by a man on a rickshaw who relentlessly blared out the Darth Vader theme while welcoming Scotland's "imperial masters" on a megaphone.

A ten-minute video of the MPs' hounding has now been posted online. While it left some of the Labour crowd laughing, others appeared to be less impressed.

In the footage, the man is heard shouting: "Say hello to your imperial masters. These lovely people, they have travelled all the way from England to tell us they are better to rule us than anybody else, our imperial masters. People of Glasgow your imperial masters have arrived."

Shortly in to the video, he even joins in with singing the theme - which is certainly worth waiting for.