Scotland stands on the verge of history

A charity collectors speaks to Julie Etchingham on the streets of Edinburgh. Credit: ITV News

In Edinburgh tonight you can hear it and you can feel it. The buzz and the banter of the day - the music still drifting up from the streets - and the thrilling sense something big is coming tomorrow.

Everyone we spoke to today talked of anticipation and standing on the verge of history. From the 94-year-old charity collector who's had stickers patted onto his chest by both yes and no campaigners - to the cabbies on their ranks who've argued about nothing else almost around the clock with their passengers.

Bagpipes swirled and the drum beat got faster. A bloke with huge Nessie on his head strolled past as a girl scrawled a massive 'Yes' in chalk on the pavement. A pensioner walked up and down the Royal Mile with the placard 'Keep our Family Together'

In the Assembly Hall - a 12 hour marathon celebration of Scottish culture to mark the eve of the vote. The crowd could feel the thrill in the air and butterflies in their stomach. We chatted to young and old alike - all excited - all with the sense of awesome responsibilty.

A girl writes the word 'Yes' on the pavement in Edinburgh. Credit: ITV News

"It's been a beautiful time" said one student, despite the fact some of the campaigning becoming increasingly tetchy. "We're standing on the edge of a precipice" said another. And as the band struck up - two women told us if they got their way in the vote tomorrow, they'd dance naked round Holyrood.

With Scotland's day of destiny ahead - we warned them there would be plenty of cameras.