War veteran, 102, 'disappointed' after lifelong dream of independence dashed

As the rain and mist come down on Edinburgh, there's a palpable sense the tide is going out on an incredible story.

The 'Vote Yes' chalk signs have already washed off the paving stones - and the bands who've been playing every day have this lunchtime fallen silent. As a lone piper plays, a lot of people are sleeping off the night before.

The atmosphere is palpably more subdued in Edinburgh this morning. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

But as the tide goes out - leaving the Union intact, there is a radically different landscape shaped in its wake. Already the leaders at Westminster are hard at work chiselling out a new deal with the voters in every part of the UK.

They have to act not just because they promised it - but because they know so many will hold them to account if they don't. Scotland will hold their feet to the fire.

It is the historic record turnout in the vote which sends them that message most powerfully - and is one of the greatest causes for celebration. If it prompts a new wave of civic engagement and gets the people breathing down their leaders' necks once more, it marks a defining moment in politics.

102-year-old Jimmy Sinclair says he's disappointed after waiting all his life to vote for independence. Credit: ITV News

There is a new breed of young voters who've shown us all the best of their generation - it needs to light a spark to ignite the rest of the country.

The young people's voices which have engaged with the media, which have proved their seriousness and desire to engage, have been some of the most powerful in the campaign.

Jimmy Sinclair, the 102 year old veteran we filmed with yesterday who had waited all his life to vote in favour of an independent Scotland, told us this morning he's disappointed, but after a few days he knows he'll get over it.

As a legendary Desert Rat, there's not much in modern British history he hasn't witnessed.

He - along with the millions of others, young and old, who voted in this extraordinary referendum - will be waiting and watching closely to see what emerges next from the Edinburgh mist.

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