Hague throws down the gauntlet to Labour over devolution, as party squabbles begin again

Credit: Fiona Hanson/PA Wire

The Leader of the House William Hague has thrown down the gauntlet to Labour over English devolution.

After a meeting at Chequers between the Prime Minister and backbench MPs, it emerged that the Tories plan to press ahead with what were said to be "robust proposals" to give English MPs control over English laws.

"If other parties make it impossible to deal with these issues in tandem, " Mr Hague warned. "Then, of course, it will become an issue at the General Election in May."

But he stressed that everybody was agreed that: "The commitments made to Scotland must be honoured." They were not conditional on any proposals for England.

Labour's leader Ed Miliband is cautious about rushing into further constitutional change, his own party set to be the big loser if English devolution goes ahead.

If last week was all about putting "country before party" for the Westminster leaders, this week - with the party conference season getting underway - it's a very different story.