Arnis Zalkalns: Former mother-in-law of suspect speaks out over missing teenager Alice Gross

Credit: ITV News

The former mother-in-law of Arnis Zalkalns, a Lativian who is being sought in connection with the murder of Alice Gross, has spoken to ITV News about her fears for the missing teenager from West London.

In 1998 Zalkalns was convicted of bludgeoning and stabbing his wife Rudite to death in Latvia and served seven years in prison.

Viktorja Zalkalns, the mother of Rudite, told ITV News:

I was hoping silently that she is still alive. But, on the other hand, knowing the person, the way he is, all my doubts vanished. All that happened with my daughter, it is repeating now.

Viktorja Zalkalns

Speaking about Zalkalns, she said:

He is the type of a person who knows how to talk, how to charm people. He knew how to flirt with women.

Viktorja Zalkalns

Referring to how Alice's parents must be feeling in the aftermath of her disappearance she said:

That is a terrible feeling. Undescribable. I think if they [the parents of Alice] would catch him, they would like to tear him into pieces...This is what I don't understand – how can a human being be so cruel? It reminds me of some sort of a monster, a beast.

Viktorja Zalkalns

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