Stephen Fry says he is 'not proud' of 'squalid' cocaine addiction

Stephen Fry (R) speaking to ITV News presenter Mark Austin Credit: ITV News

Stephen Fry has spoken about his "squalid" and "pathetic" addiction to cocaine but denied he was glamourising drug use by writing about it in his new autobiography.

In an interview with ITV News Presenter Mark Austin, he said that cocaine "filled a hole" in his life at a time when he did not yet know he was bipolar.

The author also said that although he wrote about his 15-year habit at length in his new autobiography, More Fool Me, he would be "astonished" if his account glamourised drug-taking.

He said he felt it was important to be "open" and "honest" about his past, although he now regrets the time and money he wasted on his addiction.

Asked about the revelation that he took cocaine at Buckingham Palace, among other great institutions, he said he was "always incredibly discreet".

Fry criticised the government's approach to drug addiction, and compared the current criminalisation of drugs to Prohibition in 1920s USA.

He said that simply telling someone not to take drugs was "pointless" and said it was "like saying 'well you shouldn't double park' or 'you shouldn't keep a library book a day over'".

He added that he was "awaiting arrest" after the admissions he made about drug-taking in his autobiography.

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