Mirror mirror on the wall - new device speaks and gives compliments to shoppers

Shoppers were surprised when the mirror started talking

Household retailer Ikea has launched a mirror that acts like the magical glass recounted in children's fairy tales.

In the stunt, published on the firm's YouTube page, shoppers can be seen walking up to the mirror, before it speaks "motivational" messages with phrases like "you look fabulous today" and "darling that dress looks amazing" before words flash up on the glass.

The device reportedly uses the Kinect technology used on games console devices. It spots a person in front of it, before responding accordingly.

With well over two-thirds of Britons claiming image insecurity and self-doubt, IKEA have today announced the launch of the ‘Motivational Mirror’ – bestowing personalised compliments to provide the nation with a much needed morale boost.


Ikea said the device was created to boost "two-thirds of Britons claiming image insecurity and self-doubt".