Alan Henning's family 'devastated' by his murder

Colin Livesey says he is "emotionally drained" after Alan Henning's death. Credit: ITV Granada

Alan Henning's brother-in-law Colin Livesey has told ITV News Granada that he "always thought his brother would be coming home" and his death means he no longer believes in hope.

Mr Livesey said he was "emotionally drained" after the Islamic State released a video showing the murder of his brother-in-law who was captured in Syria and it is particularly upsetting for his sister and her children.

He added that because the family had not heard from IS they thought appeals for mercy may have led to his release.

While thanking people for their support Mr Livesey said Alan would be "sorely missed" and should be remembered "as a fantastic, loving guy who would go out of his way to help people".