Man trying to cross ocean in inflatable bubble has to be rescued

Reza Baluchi attempted to run around the Bermuda Triangle in this inflatable bubble. Credit: US Coast Guard

A man attempting run his way around the Bermuda Triangle in an inflatable bubble had to be rescued off the Florida coast after becoming exhausted.

Reza Baluchi had advertised his death-defying "zorbing" trip across the ocean to Bermuda, then Puerto Rico and back to southern Florida on his website.

After refusing earlier requests to abandon his voyage, Baluchi activated a locating beacon on Saturday, before being rescued 70 miles (112 km) off the coast of Florida by the US Coast Guard.

He was hoisted aboard an MH-60 Jayhawk and flown to Florida for a medical examination.

Endurance runner Reza Baluchi was airlifted to safety. Credit: US Coast Guard

The Coast Guard said it first received a report about the unusual HydroPod Bubble voyage on Wednesday.

Crew members from Coast Guard Cutter Webber tried to convince Baluchi to abandon his 3,500-mile (5,633-km) trip after noticing the bubble was only stocked with water and protein bars - but he refused to cooperate

The view from the boat of the Hydro-Pod Bubble floating in the ocean 70 miles off the Florida coast. Credit: US Coast Guard

In a phone call to Baluchi on Thursday, Captain Todd M Coggeshall said he had “great concern” for Baluchi’s safety, but the endurance runner stressed that he had prepared for the journey for two years and wanted to continue.

This video posted on YouTube by Keith Holland last year shows Baluchi's training for the stunt: