Cyclist determined to make Britain's roads safer by filming bad drivers

Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

Britain's roads have a new sheriff - sick of "reckless" drivers one Dad has taken to filming motorists who break the law and handing the evidence to the police.

Dave Sherry began filming bad drivers after he was nearly knocked off his bike with his young son by a bus driver who was checking his mobile phone while behind the wheel.

The Essex bus driver told Good Morning Britain he had a "high level of road safety and awareness" which he could use to help pedestrians, cyclists and responsible drivers.

However, if the 37-year-old catches a motorist using their phone, eating, putting their make up on or doing anything else which might distract them from the road, he will film it and hand the footage to the police.

The father of five believes prevention is better than cure and said if he could save just one life, "it's well worth it".

Last year around 1,700 people were killed on Britain's roads and 21,657 were seriously injured.

Dave has spent the last two years filming dodgy drivers on his £350 camera strapped to his cycle helmet.

He explained his work on Good Morning Britain.