'I can offer you nothing but respect': Kevin Costner pays tribute to British Forces

Kevin Costner at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival. Credit: Hannah Yoon/The Canadian Press/Press Association Images.

Movie star Kevin Costner has sent a heart-felt tribute to British Forces, thanking them for serving "unflinchingly to protect freedom around the world".

The message was recorded for the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) radio station while filming his new futuristic thriller Criminal at Blackbush Airport in Hampshire.

In it, he pays tribute to the commitment shown by British Forces personnel and thanks them for their "willingness to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves".

The Bodyguard and Robin Hood Princes of Thieves star, who even chose the music playing underneath the recording, said he could offer the UK's troops "nothing but respect".

BFBS reporter Natasha Reneaux sat with the 59-year-old actor as he made changes to the message, "making sure it was perfect".

BFBS reporter Natasha Reneaux with Kevin Costner. Credit: BFBS.

Click below to listen to Kevin Costner's message in full:

Video courtesy of BFBS Radio