George Clooney apologises for Batman at surprise visit to Comic-con with Hugh Laurie

George Clooney surprises everyone at Comic-con. Credit: Reuters

George Clooney joked that he 'said sorry to Adam West' as he arrived at Comic-con, adding that after the widely panned "Batman & Robin," film he had been "dis-invited" from Comic-Con.

Newly married George Clooney surprised fans with an appearance at New York Comic-Con.

After his wedding to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Venice, Italy, Clooney made a cameo on the Javits Center stage during a panel discussion for the upcoming Disney fantasy film, "Tomorrowland."

Earlier English actor Hugh Laurie had joked that Clooney was not the "chivalrous saint" he claimed to be

I'm glad he's actually not present at the moment because it frees me up to say a few things about George Clooney who has constructed painstakingly this image of the good guy, the nice guy Everybody's friend, the chivalrous saint. Well, there's been no mention the drinking, there's been no mention of the shouting. The ceaseless shouting. He's lying about his age. He's 75, if he's a day.

English actor Hugh Laurie
Hugh and George sharing a bit of banter. Credit: Reuters

Clooney joked that his widely panned "Batman & Robin," he had been "dis-invited" from Comic-Con.

Hugh and George at Comic-con. Credit: Reuters

I think since my Batman, I was dis-invited from Comic-con for 20 years. I see the comments section on all you guys. I met Adam West out back there just now, I was like 'hey I'm really sorry. > ...he goes 'give me a fist bump' and I was like 'yeah, just hit me. Just hit me there.'

George Clooney