Viking gold among treasure trove unearthed in Scotland

A medieval cross was part of the Viking treasure trove. Credit: PA

A hoard of Viking treasure has been unearthed by a metal-detecting enthusiast in what has been described as 'one of the most significant finds of its kind ever made in Scotland'.

More than 100 objects, some of them made of gold, were discovered on church land at an undisclosed location in Dumfries and Galloway by 47-year-old Derek McLennan, who had been searching the area for the last year.

The rich hoard of artefacts, many of which are unique, includes some of Carolingian or west European and Irish origin. The material comprises many silver ingots, armbands and brooches, as well as several gold objects and a complete metal vessel containing more objects according to Scotland's Treasure Trove Unit.

A large silver alloy Carolingian lidded vessel was also unearthed. Credit: PA

The hoard falls under the Scots law of treasure trove and is currently in the care of the Treasure Trove Unit. The law provides for a reward to be made to the finder which is judged equivalent to the market value of the items