Calls for Tory Lord Freud to resign after he suggests some disabled workers 'not worth full wage'

Lord Freud. Credit: PA Wire

Listen to Lord Freud's comments on disabled workers

Labour leader Ed Miliband has called on Tory Lord Freud to resign after he suggested that some disabled people were not worth "the full wage".

The Conservative Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions suggested there was a group of people "who were not worth" the minimum national wage while answering questions at a party fringe event last month.

After being asked by a Conservative councillor about the disabled and the National Minimum Wage, Lord Freud replied:

Miliband called for the minister to resign over the comments during today's Prime Minister's Questions.

Responding at Prime Minister's Questions, David Cameron insisted it was not the view of the Government, adding that disabled people should earn the minimum wage and ministers were pushing for a second above-inflation rise in the minimum wage rate.