Serbian FA demand to be given Euro qualifier points

Fans and players fought on the pitch. Credit: Reut

The Serbian football association have heavily criticised the Albania team for their part in the abandonment of their Euro 2016 qualifier.

Referee Martin Atkinson was forced to call the game off after fighting broke out when a drone carrying a pro-Albania banner entered the field of play.

After defender Stefan Mitrovic removed the banner players, officials and fans exchanged blows on the pitch.

"Serbian player Stefan Mitrovic managed to catch the flag and, as it can be clearly seen on all the footage, started to fold it as calmly as possible, in order to give it to the fourth official and for the match to be continued. Absolutely all of the Serbian players and officials on the bench were in their seats, calm and without any attempt to show force or rage because of the incident. However, Albanian players acted very aggressively and physically attacked Mitrovic.

"For the truth and justice we will not and do not want to allow the perpetrators who violated football to present themselves as victims."

The Serbian FA say the banner was 'offensive'. Credit: Reuters

The Serbian FA statement says they should be awarded the win after their Albanian counterparts refused to play on or rearrange.

"According to that, we estimate that they are directly guilty for the match abandonment and we expect that UEFA disciplinary bodies will register the match with 3-0 result, in favour of Serbia.

"It is a scandalous fact that the other party, with their 'job well done' is ridiculing not only FA of Serbia and Serbian people but also, we dare to say, UEFA."