Richard Madeley warns Twitter trolls who threatened daughter Chloe with rape

Richard Madeley with his daughter Chloe and wife Judy Finnigan. Credit: Joel Ryan/PA Wire

Television presenter Richard Madeley has warned "prosecution awaits" for Twitter trolls who threatened to rape his daughter Chloe.

The threats were made after Madeley's wife, Judy Finnigan, sparked outrage when she suggested convicted rapist Ched Evans should be allowed to return to his football club.

Speaking on her Loose Women debut, Finnigan appeared to defend Evans, claiming he "didn't cause any bodily harm" and should not be punished further.

Madeley wrote on Twitter:

Chloe Madeley had stepped in to defend her mother's comments after they sparked a wave of criticism.

Before taking pictures of the offending tweets and posting them on her Twitter page, the fitness instructor wrote:

Chloe Madeley later said she hopes the trolls who targeted her "will get their just deserts [sic]".

Writing in the Daily Mail, the 27-year-old revealed her mother had been upset and unsettled when she told her of the tweets.

She said the fact that such threats can be issued to people on social media is "extremely chilling" and "extremely cowardly".