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Golden age: Britons are happiest at 58, while 35 is the most stressful year

Britons get happier rather than grumpier with age, according to a new survey Credit: PA

Brits are most content at the age of 58 and most stressed at 35, new research suggests.

People finally manage to get the work-life balance right towards the end of their working lives, while the age associated with the greatest stress is 35 - when the pressures of a young family and demanding careers are common.

The 'unhappiest' age for Brits is 35, according to a new study Credit: PA

The study of 2,000 people, commissioned for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, found that at 58, people are more likely to have a proper lunch break and stick to their contracted hours rather than working unpaid overtime.

A third of those who took part in the survey said they were unhappy with their work-life balance, while 63% found the biggest key to contentment is spending time with family

The second most important factor to being happy was doing a job they loved.

Financial worries were the biggest cause of stress, the study found.

Professor Cary Cooper, from the University of Lancaster, said:

It's little wonder that our 30s are so stressful as we try - sometimes desperately - to juggle high-pressure jobs and family demands whilst maintaining happy relationships.

And then by the time we reach our 50s, we feel much more confident - allowing us to set the agenda when it comes to working hours and family life.

It is also interesting to note that spending time with family and being in a happy relationship score most highly in making us feel happy, while money is the top source of stress.

– Professor Cary Cooper

The top five keys to contentment:

  • 1. Spending time with family
  • 2. Doing a job you love
  • 3. Being in a happy relationship
  • 4. Financial security
  • 5. Feeling appreciated at home