Tens of thousands take part in 'pay rise' protest march

Protesters are calling for a pay increase and an end to austerity. Credit: PA

Tens of thousands of people are taking part in a protest march calling for an end to austerity and a pay increase for public workers.

Teachers, nurses, civil servants and hospital cleaners marched alongside railway workers, postmen and others from private companies. Families, pensioners and anti-nuclear activists also took part in the protest.

Some NHS workers took strike action this week over pay. Credit: PA

The TUC organised the demonstrations under the banner 'Britain Needs A Pay Rise', following days of industrial action by public sector workers ranging from nurses and midwives to civil servants.

The main rally was in London but protests were also held in Glasgow and Belfast.

The TUC organised the demonstrations under the banner Britain Needs A Pay Rise. Credit: PA

TUC General Secretary, Frances O'Grady said the massive turnout sent a strong message to the Government that wages have to increase.

The average worker is £50 a week worse off than in 2007 and five million earn less than the living wage...If politicians wonder why so many feel excluded from the democratic process, they should start with bread and butter living standards."

TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady