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Video shows waterfall blown upwards by high winds

Video footage shows the Derbyshire waterfall, called Kinder Downfall, blowing upwards as high winds from ex-Hurricane Gonzalo hit.

An onlooker watches as the waterfall is blown onto the rocks above. Credit: YouTube/Rod Kirkpatrick

Storm-force winds battered the Peak District today as remnants of the hurricane moved across the UK.

The storm-force winds ensured Kinder Downfall did not live up to its name. Credit: YouTube/Rod Kirkpatrick

Rod Kirkpatrick, who shared the video on YouTube, said the River Kinder was "stopped in its tracks" where it usually cascades 80 feet (24 metres) down the waterfall.

Remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo moved across the UK on Tuesday. Credit: YouTube/Rod Kirkpatrick

This was not the first time Kinder Downfall has defied gravity, but was one of the most spectacular examples of this phenomenon.

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