Aaron Paul has joined a campaign calling on Toys R Us to return Breaking Bad action figures to shelves.

Earlier this week, the toy store withdrew the merchandise after a campaign by a woman nicknamed the "Florida Mom" who complained that the figures - which came with toy guns and Crystal Meth - were a "dangerous deviation from their family friendly values".

The figures have been withdrawn from sale after a campaign by 'Florida Mom'. Credit: Toys R Us

The actor - who starred as Jesse Pinkman in the hit show - reacted angrily to the decision, insisting the store sold toys that have a far worse effect on children.

He then called on his 2.24 million followers to sign a petition to put the toys back on sale.

"Why can you sell guns and not Walt and Jesse?" the actor asked.

Co-star Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White, also waded into the row.

Paul's intervention has helped signatures on the petitionto soar above 17,000 - more than double the amount the original campaign to remove the figures received.

The petition has over 17,000 signatures. Credit: Change.org

It calls on Toys R Us to continue selling toys for "kids of all ages".

ITV News is awaiting a response from the company.