Caterham struggling to make American Grand Prix Grid says administrator

Caterham could be absent in Texas. Credit: PA

Caterham could be missing from the grid at the American Grand Prix in Texas next weekend according to their administrator.

Finbarr O'Connell, who represents London accountancy firm Smith & Williamson, is attempting to get the team to the race, but admits it's a struggle.

However, the practices of the Caterham team have left him 'frustrated'.

The Leafield factory where the team is based has its gates locked for the second day running.

"I'm constantly chasing 1MRT - it should be the other way around - to engage better with me," O'Connell told Press Association Sport.

"I can only presume they have other issues going on, but I really need them to come to me with an acceptable figure (to offer their creditors) so they can gain access again to Leafield and we can support them.

"It's very important to us they race, very important. But the thing is, for the creditors of Caterham Sports Ltd, it's not up to them to fund racing.

Miodrag Kotur, Caterham F1 Team, Team Manager with Dr. Manfredi Ravetto (ITA) Caterham F1 Team Principal Credit: PA

"Formula One is a rich man's game, as we know, so (1MRT) need to fund themselves and pay their way.

"I'm responsible to my creditors, I'm an officer of the court, I need to make things better for them.

"At the moment 1MRT are trying to get me to make things worse for them, which I'm not willing to do."

Colin Kolles wants to get his team on the grid. Credit: PA

O'Connell has discussed the issue with Bernie Ecclestone, but still fears a conclusion is not close.

"Overnight I reached out to (F1 supremo) Bernie Ecclestone to see if he can assist in some way because it's in everybody's best interests to do something.

"I'm told Colin Kolles [principal of 1MRT] wants to go racing; I want my creditors to get some money, and Bernie clearly wants them to be on the grid.

"You would think there is the makings of a deal there, but overnight I've chased 1MRT, and I've heard nothing back from them."